Our Trip to Disney World 2007

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Taylors 1st Day of KINDERGARTEN

My little one is so grown up.
Her first day of KINDERGARTEN!

Taylors 2nd Surgery this year

Taylor had her tonsils and adenoids
removed. This first picture is obviously
before the surgery. Cause afterwards
she work up screaming hysterically
and it took her about an hour to calm
down. She did however stop and
the healing process was quick! She also
had to miss the first week
and a half of Kindergarten!!

Trip to Utah/Vegas

Sean had to do some field rides in Vegas so we
all piled in the car and he dropped us off in Utah to
hang with The Macks and Aunt Tippy! We had
a blast we revisited BYU, Ate at Cafe Rio, played,
and Ate Cafe Rio(my favorite restaurant from our
BYU days). It was a short trip but on someone
else's dime so it was a fun one!
Savy, Taylor, Emily, and Beckham

Emily and Beckham

Eating Breakfast

So Cute!

Savy, Emily, Taylor, and Beckham
Beckham and AUNT TIPPY!!!
The kids were so excited to see AUNT TIPPY!
A hug HOTDOG from this ever so famous hot dog
stand from our BYU days!
Taylor and Aunt Tippy
Sean and the Mack boys.
Tiffany and I

The kids playing at Cafe Rio! YUMMMMMMMY!

Taylor and Savy (they had so much fun together)

Aunt Tippy and Taylor

Haley and I

Monday, July 20, 2009

Trampoline Fun

The Fourth of July Great Mall Fireworks!!

Our attempt to get a family picture that the
kids obviously did not want to be in!!
And you gotta love Beckhams neon green
socks that he was bound and determined to
wear regardless of if I approved or not.
Wrestling with Don
Poor Don
Racing the kids!
Tyson and Beckham sharing a chair.
I love this picture!! What a photographer!!
The Finale!

Tyson's Birthday Bash

Our good friend Tyson turned 3 on the
Fourth of July! The kids have not stopped
talking about how fun his water party was
so I decided to post it for you all to see.
They had so much fun, I think the best part
for them was squirting the adults. It's not
very often that you get to do that.
Happy 3rd Birthday Tyson!!

Gina, Me and Bethany

Kimbal and Gina

Audrey and Taylor